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Motorcycle Trip Planner

There are many variations of a motorcycle trip planner. I feel the best version of a motorcycle trip planner is my series of scenic riding guide books. One of our best planners is the Scenic Ride Guide Book Motorcycle Trip Planner For The Southeastern U.S. with 184 Rides. This is a scenic riding guide that will get you on the back roads where you can enjoy your ride.  Riding on the back roads is a key item in my riding philosophy. The roads selected in my routes are the lesser traveled roads, the roads where you can truly enjoy your ride.

Some Background about me

I believe in creating safe, fun and new rides for motorcycle enthusiasts, that’s my mission when creating all my motorcycle trip planner books.

I am  the researcher and author of all the self-guided ride series you can find on my website. I keep you away from  the motorcyclist’s worst enemy: crowded roads, unsafe pavements and repeatedly doing the same route.

As an explorer by nature, I seek to discover a new path forward… to discover new paved back roads to the scenic destinations I love and those I have yet discovered.

I have over 150,000 miles in the saddle, I have crafted many riding guides that include wonderful sweeping curves, little traffic and fantastic views to great destinations throughout Florida and the Southeast.

More about the Motorcycle Trip Planners

All the routes in my trip planners are back roads, there will be no freeways. All the routes are laid out with easy to follow turn by turn instructions. I have specially crafted the ride print printouts that can be put in a tank bag or pouch that will give you the exact mileage and distance you need to travel before your next turn. I find this the simplest way of riding a scenic back road route. I also have GPX files that can be used with many of the popular GPS units that have been designed for motorcycles. The GPX files will work with the Harley Boom Box (2014 or newer), Garmin (most models), and Tom Tom. If you are not sure if your model of GPX will work with our GPX files send me a note using our contact page, I am more than happy to help.

I often hear when showing a person one of our motorcycle trip planners “ I have been on that road’. I like to point out that our back road scenic rides are not just roads, the rides are carefully crafted routes not just a single road. I want you to get out there and ride and enjoy the ride, I want you to experience something new. I want you to experience the same joy I get when I go out riding.

If you need a starting point for planning your next back road adventure you can take a look at an article we published, How to Plan a Road Trip.  My goal is to get you out there on some of the best scenic back roads that can be found. If you need help selecting the best motorcycle trip planner from our vast library drop me note using our contact form.

“When I’m riding my motorcycle, I’m glad to be alive. When I stop riding my motorcycle, I’m glad to be alive.”- Neil Peart

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