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The Best Michigan Back Road Routes

Michigan Back Roads

Motorcycle back roads in Michigan are a scenic ride for those who love to explore new places. Motorcycle enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new destinations to explore. This state has some of the most beautiful and peaceful routes that you can take on your motorcycle.

What Makes a Great Motorcycle Ride?

What makes a great motorcycle ride? The answer is different for everyone. Motorcycle rides are about freedom, exploration, and personal enjoyment. They can be as short or as long as you want them to be. Some people find the perfect motorcycle ride in their own backyard while others have to travel far and wide to find the perfect road.

Motorcycle rides are not just about being on a bike with the wind in your hair. They are about feeling alive, with your senses heightened and your heart pumping at a faster rate than usual. The best motorcycle rides take you through remote areas that most people never get to see, giving you an appreciation for the world around us that is hard to come by in today’s fast-paced world.

About this Book: Scenic Rides In Michigan Book (Expanded Edition)

Scenic Rides In Michigan Book (Expanded Edition) – 29 Rides contains scenic back road motorcycle rides in Michigan. All of the rides in this book are Michigan back roads, so you wont find any major freeways or congested areas. There are full color photos of some of the scenes you will find along your journey. Mileage, ride times, routes, and starting points are also included. The rides are all on paved back roads. From the Upper Peninsula to the Mitten, you will find scenic vistas, sweeping turns, waterfront views, and the famous tunnel of trees. The rides are all laid out for you from start to finish. I have done all the work connecting some of the best back roads in Michigan, so all you have to do is enjoy them. These are the top Michigan Scenic Motorcycle Rides. I would like to thank Joe Winland for his help in making this book possible. This is the index of all the rides from the book:

Page Ride
6 A) Manistique to Grand Marais————–83.0 mi 1hr 28 min
8 B) Grand Marais to Manistiqu—————76.0 mi 1hr 27 min
10 C) Grand Marais to Little Lake————-100.0 mi 2hr
12 D) Joe’s Gwinn Winner————————61.4 mi 1hr 17 min
14 E) Traverse City – Suttons Bay Loop——–43.9 mi 57 min
16 F) Suttons Bay to Leelanau State Park to Leland Loop ——49.0 mi 1hr 07 min
18 G) Suttons Bay to Glen Arbor—————-33.5 mi 45 min
20 H) Traverse City to Frankfort—————-41.0 mi 59 min
22 I) Frankfort – Arcadia Dunes – Interlochen State Park -84.5 mi 1hr 47 min
24 J) Trout Lake Circle—————————-87.2 mi 1hr 37 min
26 K) Black Lake Loop—————————–45.6 mi 58 min
28 L) Alpena Loop———————————-33.0 mi 43 min
30 M) Alpena to Indian River———————78.3 mi 1hr 29 min
32 N) Grayling to Bellaire————————–52.5 mi 1hr 05 min
34 O) Bellaire to Boyne City———————–43.8 mi 57 min
36 P) My Hearth Home Run———————-28.9 mi 35 min
38 Q) Gay Bar Loop———————————84.6 mi 1hr 59 min
40 R) Lake Gogebic Circle Tour—————–38.5 mi 45 min
42 S) Riding to Hell———————————57.5 mi 1hr 28 min
44 T) Back From Hell——————————35.5 mi 51 min
46 U) Shiatown Short-Cut————————46.3 mi 1hr 07 min
48 V) Flint River Fun Run————————27.3 mi 49 min
50 W) Sugar Springs Hearth Restaurant to Budd Lake Bar —-60.1 mi 1hr 21 min
52 X) Ausable River Run-Lake Huron Shoreline Ride —–67.1 mi 1hr 16 min
54 Y) Ausable River Run-Sage Lake Circle—-66.9 mi 1hr 20 min
56 Z) Brockway Mountain————————43.9 mi 1hr 14 min
58 1) Leelanau Loop——————————124.0 mi 2hr 51 min
60 2) Tunnel of Trees——————————-20.3 mi 42 min
62 3) Lakeshore Ave——————————–20.4 mi 29 min

If you have a favorite ride in Michigan , leave a comment.

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