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SW Martin Highway Florida Scenic Ride

What are the Top 3 paved backroad motorcycle rides in South Florida?

What are the Top 3 paved backroad motorcycle rides in South Florida?

Scenic Ride River Road Florida
River Road

1 – Ft Myers Shores / Venus (77.1 mi – 1hr  47min)

The Ft Myers Shores / Venus ride will take you on old Florida back roads through the center of south Florida. Start on scenic FL-78/River Rd, and explore Old SR-8 to see what Florida used to look like a long time ago.

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Key Deer
Key Deer

2 – Florida Keys (145.8 mi – 3 hr  34min)

The Florida Keys ride will show you back roads off of US-1 down in Big Pine Key. If you are lucky, you will see the illusive Key Deer, the size of a medium size dog. The ride down to Key West was made for a motorcycle or open roof vehicle. Miles of bridges has the ocean on one side, and the Gulf of Mexico on the other.

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SW Martin Highway
SW Martin Highway

3- Lake Okeechobee from the East (146.0 mi – 2 hr  47min)

The Lake Okeechobee ride takes you on one of the nicer canopy roads in the south, SW Martin Hwy (411). Cruise around the Largest lake in Florida, and take in the historic areas surrounding it.

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If you want to expand your adventure with more rides, you can pick up one of our scenic riding guides for motorcycles. For as little as $9.95, you can download one of our riding guides, Adventure Awaits. Pick your favorite part of Florida and go.   

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