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Scenic backroad Florida

Thirty steps to Daytona

Scenic backroad Florida
Scenic Backroad Florida

I take thirty steps to get to Daytona, these steps do not require me to take any freeways. My thirty steps take me through some of the most scenic areas Florida has to offer. My steps meander along and get me to Daytona in just under five hours.  You need to get out there and enjoy your ride. I have some of the most scenic rides in the state. Get out there and discover the sprawling backroads, and see this beautiful state of ours. Now after you arrive in Daytona I know there are over 320 miles of riding that I can do within the Daytona area, my first trip starts on page 117 of in the “Scenic Riding Guide of Florida”, 80.2 miles of pure riding pleasure. If you already have the book you can take a peek and see what I am talking about. Now if you do not have the book you need to click here so you can get started enjoying the best backroad routes Florida has to offer

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